Get Involved!

Interested in sustainability - whether that means promoting recycling, growing your own food, or reducing your impact on the earth? KSU offers many opportunities for students to get involved in sustainability initiatives, regardless of their major.

See below for a few ideas to get you started. Feel free to reach out to the Office of Campus Planning and Sustainability to learn more and explore other opportunities.

Sustainability Map: Learn more about existing sustainability features at KSU, such as LEED buildings, bike trails, bus stops, and sustainable dining options through our interactive sustainability map for Kennesaw and Marietta campus.

Green Ambassadors:  Reach out to KSU's Green Ambassadors to attend a campus sustainability tour or ask a professor to invite a Green Ambassador to deliver a classroom presentation. Consider becoming a Green Ambassador yourself!

Farmer's Market: Attend the weekly Farmers Market to buy goods and produce from local vendors and to meet other student clubs focused on sustainability.

Student Clubs: KSU boasts a diverse list of student clubs, several of which focus on sustainability projects. Sustainability-minded clubs include: Students for Environmental Sustainability, Social Culinary Society, EcoOwls, ENACTUS, and Engineers for a Sustainable World. Additionally, consider signing-up for outdoor adventures with Nature Bound.

Professors: Reach out to a favorite professor in your field of study for ideas on how to incorporate sustainability into your studies. Or contact one of the many faculty at KSU who have attended the annual Sustainability Across the Curriculum workshops; many of whom have developed modules or stand-alone sustainability courses within their disciplines. 

Sustainability Newsletter: Subscribe to KSU's bi-monthly sustainability newsletter to stay informed about projects, events, and opportunities.

KSU Field Station: Visit (or volunteer for) the KSU Field Station to get first-hand experience growing local, sustainable food. 

Sustainable Lifestyle: Look for opportunities to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. Adopt a commute alternative (biking, transit, carpooling), reduce the amount of waste you generate, recycle, turn off your lights and unplug your appliances when not in use, and eat locally-sourced, organic food when possible.

OwlSwap: OwlSwaps are a fun, free way to revamp your wardrobe. Bring gently used clothing you no longer wear, swap, and leave with new pieces. It’s like shopping, except that it’s free, it’s sustainable, & the atmosphere is more like a party. Go to the OwlSwap website for dates and more details about OwlSwaps. Want more information or to be involved in organizing an OwlSwap? Email