KSU's recyclables are taken to an Advanced Disposal's Recycling sorting facility called a "MRF" (Materials Recovery Facility). This is a "single source" system - the recyclables can be comingled on campus and are then sorted out, mainly by machine, at the sorting facility. To see how single source recycling is carried out view videos on this NPR webpage.

KSU accepts paper, cardboard, aluminum, glass, and plastics # 1 - 7 (this includes plastic forks, spoons, etc. from the dining areas). Food waste and food packaging should not go in the recycling bins.

General Recycling Guidelines

Learn more about recycling at KSU.

Additional Videos

KSU Recycling Video

Sanitary Landfills

Plastics in the Ocean

Additional Recycling

Electronics Recycling Resources

Tommy Nobis Center
1480 Bells Ferry Rd.
Marietta, GA 30066

Home Depot Stores
Compact Florescent Bulbs (CFLs): Take to "Returns Desk"

Batteries Plus
51 Cobb Pkwy S.
Marietta, GA

Call 2
Rechargeable & Cell Phone Batteries

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