University Textile Recycling Program

woman working loom

KSU is dedicated to responsibly discarding outdated or excess materials such as banners, signs, and apparel by diverting them from the landfill for recycling. Established in 2019, the Textile Recycling Program sends excess materials from KSU to re:loom for upcycling. This program has resulted in the continued diversion of thousands of pounds of excess university textiles from the landfill. The partnership between KSU and re:loom, advances sustainable practices, and positively impacts our community.

re:loom is a program of the Initiative for Affordable Housing (IAH), a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization in Decatur, Georgia. Their holistic social services program empowers homeless and low-income individuals through employment opportunities and leadership training, helping them establish independence.                                                                                        

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The connection between KSU and re:loom lowers the university's impact on the environment, reduces waste disposal costs, and supports the creation of a closed-loop system. We expect to see upcycled KSU goods made by re:loom available for purchase on campus soon. This program affirms KSU's commitment to sustainability while positively impacting individuals and communities.

Do you have unwanted or outdated KSU branded textiles? Contact us to recycle them!

Photo: KSU professor Dr. Vanessa Slinger-Friedman and re:loom weaver with KSU upcycled bags.

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Learn more about re:loom here!