OwlSwap Sponsors

The OwlSwap Project would like to thank the following sponsors:


ColorZen company, and its CEO, Michael Harari, for their generous support of sustainable fashion initiatives at KSU. ColorZen’s financial contribution paid for the materials to build KSU’s first clothing recycling bin, and also helped make possible numerous KSU sustainable fashion activities in 2017, including Sustainable Fashion Awareness Week last March, and Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion author Elizabeth Cline’s visit to KSU last October.

ColorZen is an exciting example of green entrepreneurship, having pioneered a method of dyeing cotton that drastically reduces the amount of water, chemicals and energy required to dye our clothing, an industrial process that is currently one of the most polluting on the planet. The KSU – ColorZen connection is the result of a geography homework assignment that resulted in an email to the company’s website. The response we received was from CEO Michael Harari, with an offer to have a Skype conversation with the class about the environmental impact of clothes dyeing, and ColorZen’s efforts to change the industry. This conversation led to an ongoing relationship with ColorZen, which has included their generous financial support. For more information about the company, please visit their website at www.colorzen.com. Thank you, ColorZen! 


Human Geography 

Note: OwlSwap has an ambitious agenda for 2018, including monthly clothes swaps, clothing upcycling workshops, a Sustainable Film Festival, and more. We are in need of ongoing financial support, and welcome the support of anyone who would like to institutionalize OwlSwap, and the sustainable alternatives for clothing consumption that it offers, here at KSU. Sponsors will be thanked on this page, on all clothing recycling bins, and at each OwlSwap event. For more information on becoming a sponsor, please contact us at owlswap@kennesaw.edu.