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    OwlSwap Closet

    The closet provides free professional wear and everyday clothing for anyone in the KSU community.

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      Clothing Swaps

      Clothing swaps are inclusive, fun, and free events focus on the sustainable fashion movement. At clothing swaps, gently worn items are exchanged for new-to-you wardrobe additions.

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        University Textile Recycling

        University Textile Recycling 
        Established in 2019, the University Textile Recycling Program sends excess materials from Kennesaw State University to re:loom for upcycling. This triple bottom line program, diverts waste from landfill, advances sustainable practices, and positively impacts our community.

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          Sustainability Film Series

          OwlSwap's film series educates our community about the sustainable movement and provides solutions that promote social and environmental equity.

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            Sustainability Book & Podcast Club

            OwlSwap leads a virtual book & podcast club with a focus on sustainability, social issues and the environment.

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              Learn more about fast fashion, our many programs, and our impact.

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