Clothing Swaps

Clothing swaps are canceled until further notice due to COVID-19. Thank you for understanding!

swap logo level oneOwlSwap hosts clothing exchanges on campus, these events are inclusive, fun, and focus on the sustainable fashion movement. Clothing swaps provide a space where students can “shop” for free. At swaps, gently worn items are exchanged for new-to-you wardrobe additions.

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The swap’s raise awareness on the impacts of the clothing industry, encourage sustainable habits and teach individuals the importance of reducing consumption and extending the lives of their clothing. At these events, OwlSwap provides upcycling stations where volunteers lead short tutorials on how to utilize clothing or fabrics in new ways.


How do OwlSwap's clothing swaps work?

Bring up to 10 clean, gently worn* items from your wardrobe – things you think others might be interested in wearing, but you are willing to part with. For every item, you bring you will receive a ticket: 1 ticket = 1 new-to-you item. You use your tickets to go “shopping” for new-to-you wardrobe additions. If you don’t use all your tickets keep them for the next swap or donate tickets for a student in need. If you wish to drop off donations, bring more than the swap limit, or bring items that are damaged OwlSwap has a collection bin at all events for textile donation and recycling.

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*OwlSwap does not accept stained, damaged, or dirty items for swap tickets. We will have a recycling bin on-site for these items.


Sponsored by the Department of Geography and Anthropology