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  • OwlSwap Year In Review Magazine Cover

    OwlSwap Year In Review

    Read about OwlSwap and our exciting collection of our mission, programs impact, and team in this Magazine!

  • coffe and book

    The Conscious Closet: The Revolutionary Guide to Looking Good While Doing Good

    OwlSwap's clothing swaps and efforts are highlighted consumer culture and fast fashion expert Elizabeth Cline's book. Cline is a tremendous supporter of OwlSwap and continues to visit KSU to speak about the fashion industry. 

  • YKK Logo

    YKK's Sustainability Article on OwlSwap

    After an interview from YKK Americas, they released an article about the founding, programs, and impact of OwlSwap.

  • Sentinel Logo

    KSU Sentinel

    OwlSwap is proud to have our programs and events featured by the Kennesaw State Newspaper.

  • peak mag picture

    The Peak Magazine 

    OwlSwap is proud to have our programs and events featured in Kennesaw State's Peak Magazine.

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    Thought Provoking Podcast with OwlSwap

    Consciously Southern Podcast with OwlSwap
    • KSU Campus drone image

      Kennesaw State University Virtual Sustainability Tour

      Take a virtual tour of the many sectors of the KSU Campuses that are devoted to making a positive impact on the planet!

    • Professor Vanessa Slinger-Friedman

      Geography professors encourage KSU students to make a sustainable difference

      Read about the efforts towards encouraging students to make sustainable changes in their everyday lives. 

    • Photo of OwlSwap Director Britt Pickering

      Kennesaw State OwlSwap tackling sustainability education one clothing choice at a time

      Read the KSU News article on OwlSwap, some of the members, and the efforts towards sustainability in the field of fashion.

      "If you want to change the world start with the clothes on your back and the shoes on your feet."

      - Elizabeth Cline

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