Clean Commute Maps

Commuting accounts for over 30% of Kennesaw State University's carbon footprint. Owning a car is expensive! And let's face it: driving is not always the most pleasant way to get around. However, it can be challenging to find alternatives.

To help interested individuals find commute alternatives, the Office of Sustainability commissioned a Clean Commute map that shows the CobbLinc routes that connect directly to campus (some of these routes start as far away as Truist Park and Midtown, Atlanta). Included in the map are  paved bike trails (shown in green); these are seperated from traffic to support a safer commute. Printable maps and an interactive web app are below.

Additional resources to plan your commute can be found below:



Clean Commute Map Whole

Clean Commute map for accessing Kennesaw campus

CleanCommute_3  Clean Commute Map from Truist Park_Vinings  Clean Commute Map Atlanta