Energy and Water Dashboard

 The Energy and Water Dashboard is a joint initiative of The Office of Campus Planning and Sustainability and KSU's Plant Operations to allow students, staff, and faculty to view real-time and historical utility data for select buildings. Data from the Energy and Water Dashboard can be used for academic research, as a teaching tool, or to track behavioral changes on building-level utility consumption.

Access for Energy / Water Dashboards

KSU's Energy and Water Dashboard


  •  KSU Energy / Water Dashboard

    University-wide public facing dashboard.

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    KSUDashboard / KSUOwls!

  •  Plant Ops Dashboard

    Facilities-only dashboard (Plant Ops staff).

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    Contact your supervisor for access.

  • science lab

    Science Lab

    KSU's pilot public facing dashboard.

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    ScienceLab /  2017KSUSLKiosk

  • Austin Res Complex

     Housing: ARC 1200, 1300, and 1400

    Developed by energy intern Lauren Kimsey.

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    ARCDashboard / KSUOwls!

Which buildings are submetered?

KSU has individually submetered over 40 buildings for energy, gas, and water. Submetering the buildings allows KSU's Plant Operations staff to better measure the utility consumption and to implement efficiency projects at the building level. Click below to see a list of all individually submetered buildings, by campus.

  • Austin Residence Complex: 1200, 1300, and 1400
    Bagwell Education Building
    Bailey Performance Center
    Burruss Building
    Carmichael Student Center and Addition
    Clendenin Building
    Convocation Center
    English Building
    Kennesaw Hall
    Math and Stats Building
    Music Building
    Pilcher Building
    Public Safety
    Science Lab
    Siegel Student Recreation Activity Center
    Social Sciences
    Sturgis Library
    Technology Annex
    Technology Services
    University College
    Visual Arts
    Wilson and Wilson Annex

  • Academic
    Civil Engineering Technology
    Crawford Lab
    Design Builidng 1
    Design Building 2
    Engineering Lab Building
    Engineering Technology Center
    Howell Hall
    Joe Mack Wilson Student Center
    Lawrence V. Johnson Library
    Mathematics Building
    Recreation and Wellness Center
    Student Competition Team Building
    W. Clair Harris Textile Center
    Wilder Communications Center